Bird proofing

Birds, especially Seagulls and Pigeons are responsible for countless amounts of damage to the fabric of buildings from awnings to the masonery of the building itself, due to the acid from bird droppings eroding it away.

The longer it is left the worse it can become, as cleaning and repair are no longer viable.











Problems from bird infestation

  • Property/products damage
  • Wet bird droppings can cause slip hazards
  • Seagulls can be aggressive and noisy
  • Diseases from droppings can affect humans -  for example E coli, campylobacter, cryptosporidium 
  • Parasites invading homes from birds nests




Bird control

  • Proofing - closing up entry points
  • Netting - permanent visual barrier
  • Tension wire - for horizontal surfaces
  • Avipoint - preventing roosting/nesting
  • Repellent gells - discourages roosting
  • Surrogacy eggs 






All these forms of bird control need to be assessed as the location and the type of premises all contribute to an effective bird control solution